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The procedure or method used to achieved the state of mind that are free from clutter and worries.


The problems both mental and physical are beyond listing in this current day’s life and situation, and given the fact the age of gadgets. Here is a brief list.

Welcome, Take One Step at a Time

Hi, I am Skanda Kumar, the founder of Trikona Bindu and Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist. I work with my clients to achieve whatever is essential to them using an integrated and holistic approach. This treatment is completely reasonable and supported by science based studies and proven methods. It blends positive talk with hypnosis that is calming, which is a perfect combination to get amazing results. You can use it to develop healthful routines and habits.

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy


    Focus and concentration are enhanced by hypnosis, an altered state of awareness and increased relaxation. It is also known as hypnotherapy. With the help of vocal repetition and mental imagery, hypnosis is often performed under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

    Relationship Therapy

    This kind of counselling aids all kinds of couples in discovering, identifying, and resolving their difficulties to enhance their interactions and build a better relationships. You will be given the instruments to make deliberate and thoughtful decisions regarding your relationship through counselling.

    Family Therapy

    Family counselling can assist you in repairing strained bonds with your spouse, kids, or other family members. You could discuss particular concerns like marital or financial difficulties, parent-child conflict, or the effects of substance misuse or a mental condition on the whole family.

    Child Therapy

    Children’s as clients will receive emotional and support to achieve their goals in the sessions, just like adult clients do. They can concentrate on settling disputes, comprehending their own thoughts and feelings, and coming up with fresh answers to their everyday issues.

    The emphasis on making sure children understand what’s happeing and how they are not alone is the single significant distinction between adult therapy and child therapy.

    Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    These are the most common psychosomatic issues found in the modern age. Due to unwanted and unnecessary exposure to the media, people are suffering immensely due to self-image damage.

    12+ Year's Experience

    300+ Patients Treated

    90% Success Rate


    50+ Case Studies

    Trikona Bindu

    Trikona Bindu is based on the concept of the uncluttered integration of Mind, Body and Soul. In the logo of Trikona Bindu there are 3 Arrows in a different direction which represents Body, Mind and Soul. The triangle represents the process of or symbol of Integrity. And the dot ( bindu ) is the symbol of completeness. You can also think as stop symbol, but will only stop when it’s complete.

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