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Trikona Bindu is based on the concept of the uncluttered integration of Mind, Body and Soul.

This refers to the idea that physical, mental, and spiritual health all contribute to overall wellness. We must take into consideration all three facets of our nature in order to be “healthy.”

We are all more than simply our thoughts, and our thoughts and energy is created by our own belief system which we have been cultivating since our birth to the very moment of existence and this  is the basic idea behind the mind-body-soul link. We as, body , thoughts and emotions, and life energy all work together to define who we are, determine our health, and give us identity.


How much time it'll take per sitting?

Average 2 hours.

Is anything to prepare before coming?

Yes, Little food and empty bladder.

Is it anything to do between sitting?

Yes, you have to follow all do’s and don’t as therapist says.

When will I get the results?

It depends upon your issue or sometimes it depends upon your practice. Usually within 21 days to 3-4 months.

Is anything to do afterwards?

Yes/No again it’s depends upon your issue. If it’s Yes no need to worry, you just need little maintenance accordingly and you can do yourself.